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History and present day

Haralamb Vasiliu, The First Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences from Chisinau (1933-1936; 1938-1940)

State Agrarian University of Moldova has a rich 85-year history, which began on April 19, 1933 when His Majesty King Carol II promulgated the Law concerning the transformation of Agricultural Sciences Section from the University of Iasi into the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences with its center in Chisinau. Since then, the university has passed through many changes within the complex history of our country.

            In 1938, the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences became the Faculty of Agronomy, and together with other two faculties formed the Polytechnics (technical school) “Gh. Asachi” from Iasi, with the main faculty located in Chisinau.

In August 1940, according to the Decision of People Commissars Soviet of USSR and CC of CP, on the basis of the Faculty of Agronomy, the authorities opened Chisinau Agricultural Institutewith three faculties: Viticulture, Animal Husbandry and Phytotechny. Since February 1941 the institute was given the name of M. V. Frunze. The first director of the Institute was N. Bosoy.

            After the war, in 1944, the institution re-opened with 4 faculties: Agronomy, Viticulture and Oenology, Fruit and Vegetable Growing and Animal Husbandry including 27 departments and a pre-university training section with the total number of 150 student places.

During the years, significant structural changes occurred: Part-Time Study Section opened in 1945; the Faculty of Viticulture and Oenology and the Faculty of Fruit and Vegetable Growing merged creating the Faculty of Fruit and Vegetable Growing and Viticulture in 1948; new faculties were founded: Agriculture Mechanization (1950), Land Improvement (1954), Agricultural Economics (1965), Staff Retraining and Requalification (1965), Veterinary Medicine (1976), the Faculty for Training Foreign Citizens (1976), establishment of the Scientific Direction (1964), DES (Didactic Experimental Station) foundation etc.

In November, 1991, by the Government Decision of the Republic of Moldova, Chisinau Agricultural Institute “M. V. Frunze” passed from the USSR jurisdiction to the jurisdiction of the Republic of Moldova and was reorganized into the State Agrarian University of Moldova.

Important changes occurred with regard to the structure and content of the higher agricultural education aimed at satisfying the requirements of agricultural sector. New specialties have been established: Land Organization (1991), Management (1993), Land Survey (1995), Marketing (1995), Forestry and Public Gardens (1996), Agricultural Biotechnologies (1997), International Economic Relations (1997), Patrimonial Law (2002), Tourism (2003), Ecology and Environmental Protection (2003), Environmental Engineering (2003), Public Procurement (2004), Engineering and Technology of Auto Transportation (2004), Real Estate Evaluation (2004), Finances and Banks (2005), Viticulture and Wine Making (2005) and the Faculty of Accounting opened in 2004.

During 8 decades of existence, SAUM became a well-recognized higher education institution both in our country and abroad, asserting itself by training about 50,000 well-known specialists, achieving scientific performances, as well as mentioning remarkable personalities who reached the highest summits of the professional hierarchy, becoming well-known in the country and abroad.

As a symbol of high respect and gratitude for special merits in the higher education development, as well as for valuable contribution to highly qualified specialists training and prodigious methodological and scientific activity, by the Decree nr.820-VII of 4 October, 2013, State Agrarian University of Moldova was conferred the highest state decoration “The Order of the Republic”.

The building of the Faculty of Agronomy, 1938



In October, 2013,
State Agrarian University of Moldova was conferred the highest state distinction 
"The Order of the Republic".


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